Welcome to Exum Energy

Exum Energy Inc. is a third-generation supplier of fuel oil, lubes and petroleum related equipment to agricultural, commercial, governmental, marine and residential customers throughout Central Florida. We deliver petroleum products on demand, or based on a pre-arranged schedule that meets customer requirements.

With trucks ranging from 1,000-gallon tank wagons to 10,000-gallon transport haulers, we can accommodate virtually any request for delivery of petroleum products. For more than 60 years, we have delivered quality products and timely, dependable service, always delivering on our promises. Contact Us today to see how Exum Energy can deliver for you.

Competitive Pricing

We deliver among the most competitive prices in the industry, and proudly post and update our most competitive price daily.

Our strategy is simple. We obtain fuel from multiple terminals and multiple suppliers, ensuring that we buy at the best price possible, on any given day, for delivery to our bulk plant.

We also actively monitor the marketplace and bulk pricing trends, storing higher quantities when fuel prices trend higher, and storing as little as is reasonable when prices drop. This strategy allows us to maintain a highly competitive yard price, and provides our customers with the best possible price on quality fuel.

Yard Price

Our “Yard Price” is what you pay if you come to our facility and pay for fuel with cash or check.  The price includes all applicable fuel taxes (excluding sales tax if applicable). 

”Delivered Price” will often vary, based on three factors:  1) The average volume that you purchase with each delivery; 2) The total volume that you purchase on an annual basis; and, 3) Any adjustments to taxes based on exemptions to which you may be entitled.  Our volume-based Price Matrix includes 65 price points, and almost 2/3 of those price points result in a delivered price equal to or less than our yard price.

To obtain a delivery price, please call us or Request A Quote.

Index Pricing

Exum Energy offers index pricing based upon the major indexes such as OPIS or Platts. With index pricing, we will benchmark your fuel price on one of the nationally recognized pricing references.

Because your price is indexed to these highly reliable reference points, you can always be assured that you are getting the best price possible.